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My Young Adult novel According to Audrey is a contemporary story about an artist with a passion for Audrey Hepburn films~

Cautious and introverted, seventeen-year-old Dove spends most of her free time pursuing her one true passion: painting. The twinkling lights of Balboa Island, the ferryboat to the Peninsula, the fire pits on Big Corona beach… these have long been the subject of her canvases as she daydreams of finding an Audrey Hepburn-film kind of romance. A hotshot jock is exactly not the kind of guy she’s been looking for - but when Leo Donovan drops his cool act to show his vulnerable side, Dove begins to question everything. First she’ll have to navigate her way through claim-staking mean girls and disapproving parents - and still keep her focus on attending the art school of her dreams. Being in love turns out to be more complicated than your average silver-screen classic. Can Dove follow her heart (and Audrey’s cues) to create her own perfect Hollywood ending?

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According to Audrey is available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon

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According to Audrey
By Happy LaShelle
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My article in Santa Barbara Family & Life Magazine is a historical piece about the Bellosguardo Estate near Santa Barbara’s East Beach, its infamous mistress Huguette Clark, and her sister Andree, to whom she dedicated the neighboring bird refuge. Santa Barbara Family & Life Magazine is available online and at select locations in downtown Santa Barbara.

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My article in Darling magazine’s Issue #4, titled The Open Road: Finding Wonder in Past and Present, is a historical piece about the first automobile trip across the continental U.S., with fun takeaways for your own road trip. Darling: The Art of Being a Woman is a quarterly publication and can be found online, in select boutiques, and at all Anthropologie stores.